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Direct referrals for Neobux FREE (get 120$ monthly)

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Start making money now !!!

Get many FREE Neobux direct referrals and start earning money.

With Neobux-Autochain you are going to be able to get a good number of active Neobux referrals whith a completely free way. The only thing you'll need is to spend 5 minutes a day. To understand Neobux-Autochain's objective you need to know what is and how works Neobux. Neobux is a
PTC (Paid To Click), what you need to do is register (whith the link shown
on the bottom) you log in and whatch adds, they pay you 0,01$ each
advert you see and 0,01$ each add your referrals see, the more referrals
you have the more money you'll win. All of of us who know this kind of
webs, we know that the best way to win money is to have Active referals, but if they see they can't get referals they won't be very active and with
the autochain all the people will have referrals and will be very active.

to get in the only thing you need to do is to follow next steps:

Step 1: copy all the message and save it, you'll need it later

Step 2: copy and paste the link on position one of the list down below on your browser and register on Neobux (if you are allready registered skip this step) and look for your link to refer people

Position 1.
Position 2.
Position 3.
Position 4.
Position 5.
Position 6.

Step 3: Here is the first secret of the autochain, delete the position 1 of
the list, and change the other positions 2 become 1, 3 is now 2... that way every time someone will send the message your link will be doubled and it
will be uper in the list

Step 4: The last secret. Now the only thing you have to do is to post it in four or five different sites every day (blogs, message boards, chats, mail it...) and you will start getting direct referals in a few days, and remember don't give up

1. 15 (1) = 15 people = your link doubles 15 times
2. 15 (15) = 225 people = your link doubles 225 times
3. 15 (225) = 3375 people = your link doubles 3375 times
4. 15 (3375) = 50625 people = your link doubles 50625 times
5. 15 (50625) = 759375 people = your link doubles 759375 times

Welcome to the Neobux-Autochain!!!!

2Direct referrals for Neobux FREE (get 120$ monthly) Empty Neobux referral autochain on Mon 05 Sep 2011, 05:45


Just starting off in Neobux referrals

Ok so this is my first foray into direct neobux referrals so I am going to give it a go (though it has a twist as all of the work can be done by using this forum). As the original instructions mention, in my words, please do the following:
a) Signup to Neobux (free) using the link in position 1.
b) Get your own link (once signed up) using the banners link on neobux.
3) Delete position 1, add your own link as position 6 and then renumber them all correctly again (so 2 becomes 1, 3 becomes 2 etc.. and your referral link becomes number 6).

Position 1.
Position 2.
Position 3.
Position 4.
Position 5.
Position 6.

If you arent sure, please compare the above post to mine and look at the positions. Once signed up, it is of course vital that you click all neobux advertisements every day (including weekends).


There are more simple ways than cheating you can publish your own articles with your referral links and get alot of direct referrers for free
goto click on submit link post your article/blogpost and done your post will be on mainpage after few hour

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